How Can I Help You in 2010?

We are 1/12 through 2010 and how much happier are you at work?

February marks the two year anniversary of this blog. My main reason for creating this business was to help other people who feel tired and weary of the grind.

I rarely feel stressed out, trapped and alone at this stage in my career. Instead of continuing to be pushed around I took control of my own work happiness. For the past two years I’ve researched stress, relationships (self, co-workers, and boss), and productivity.

The same conclusions keep coming back. If we want to get our desired results, we need to be happy now. The more we delay our happiness, the more depressed and disconnected we become.

Help Me

I want businesses to build a work environment that encourages career and personal growth. The only way to get the most amazing results is to allow people to shake their fears.

We all need to believe in who we are and recognize our unlimited potential. This is a process that every organization needs to help with. The more an organization can help their employees reduce their stress, build better relationships, and expand creativity, the happier they will become.

We are not here to live quiet lives of desperation. We are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

I created a questionnaire that will help me help you. 🙂

Please fill it out and let me know what I can do to make your 2010 dreams a reality.

Work Happy Now Questionnaire:

Here is the link to the Work Happy Now Questionnaire. If you have time I will would really appreciate it. If I get over 100 people to fill out the form I will give you my Work Happiness Dance. It's a little embarrassing because I probably dance worse than your grandmother. You know, the one with the bad leg. 😉

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* Marelisa over at the Abundance Blog wrote a wonderful article called Toolbox For Would-Be Entrepreneurs: 69 Fantastic Free Resources. I love free resources.

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