How Does Google Create a Great Atmosphere?

Google has taken great pains to create an atmosphere that promotes fun, creativity and accomplishing audacious goals. They do this because they understand people’s needs. People need to work in a place that cares about them.

Google shows they care in many ways. Their perks include:

  • 11 free gourmet cafeterias
  • Employee lounges
  • Massage services
  • Free laundry and dry cleaning
  • Oil change service
  • Personal concierge to place dinner reservations
  • Weekly TGIF Parties
  • Top quality speakers visiting on a regular basis

The list goes on and on. I think these are great perks, but the best part of working at Google is the ability to accomplish great things with great people. After every Google employee’s career comes to a close I guarantee they’ll remember two things:

  • The people they worked with
  • The things they accomplished.

I doubt that they will remember a particular meal or oil change five years later. I can’t remember my oil changes three years ago. Heck, I can’t remember what I had for dinner last Tuesday. I can remember most of my bosses and co-workers from every job I’ve had. That’s why you have to create an environment that encourages people to get to know each other and share their ideas.

Google has built a family that supports each other in every thing they do. They all believe in the vision and work their butts off to make it a reality.

You can build this same camaraderie at your company by showing your employees that you care. It’s about asking them about their family and actually listening. You might be surprised how much an employee wants to talk about their personal life. I guarantee you’ll get a better understanding of how to lead them.


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