How to Be a Woman at Work

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Steve Pavlina wrote an article "How to Be a Man." At first I was like whatever. You can't put us all in a little box. As I read I understood his reasoning for his article. He wanted us to understand our true potential. He wrote about what all men are really capable of being if they let go of their fear. All of us actually put ourselves in a box. We try to define who we are by what we've accomplished when in reality we are so much more.


Some of the women do this at my work. They play the role that society puts on them. There are many that I've met that have broken through and they've become their own women. They aren't afraid of who they are. They act from their values and make smart choices.


Steve Pavlina asked his fellow bloggers to write "How to Be a Woman." I might not have as much insight as a woman, but I can shed light on the topic since my CEO is a woman and most of my co-workers are women.

Here are 8 ways to live consciously as a woman at work:

1. Be Compassionate

Women have an innate ability to have compassion for others. It's why so many of them make great bosses. They understand when their employees are having a bad day and they let them know that they are there to help. They give positive reinforcement, letting their staff know that they are cared for by their co-workers and the company. It makes the employee/co-worker feel more secure in his or her position at work and it's a great motivator to get them back on track.

2. Feel Sexy

Women are sexual creatures and they know it. When they hide from their sexuality they are telling their co-workers that they are afraid to be a woman. Let me make this clear. Yes, there are women who flaunt their sexuality with way too much exposed flesh and constant sexual hints. That's not sexy; it's gross. Sexiness can be as simple as a smile or a brush back of the hair. They don't flaunt what they have, but they embrace their sexuality.

3. Encourage Others

A woman likes to help others become better at their jobs. A woman who creates an environment of encouragement for others will be successful. She knows that when she picks up the people around her it makes her job easier as well as more enjoyable.

4. Laugh When It's Funny

A woman doesn't just laugh at a joke because a superior makes it. She laughs when she thinks the joke is funny. She doesn't want to make the person who told the joke feel bad so she'll acknowledge the try, but won't fake a laugh. A fake laugh is disingenuous.

5. Help Others

A woman understands the social cues of a good work environment. She is willing to help others without receiving help in return, but she also knows the benefits involved in helping her co-workers. She wants others to help her when she is struggling and the only way to do that is to extend a helping hand first.

6. Appreciate Mistakes

Mistakes are natural, especially in a fast-paced work environment. She isn't afraid to tell someone that they made a mistake and they need to correct it or watch for it next time. She doesn't do this maliciously or in fear, but for the other person's own good. She understands that helping others to improve will make the company better.

7. Support Other Co-workers

A woman will back up her co-worker or staff when a client or customer is treating them badly. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but berating someone in front of a group is wrong. It doesn't matter if it's the richest client that the company has. A company's staff is more important than money.

8. Share Good Fortune

A woman who receives a bonus because her staff has outperformed expectations will share the wealth with them. They are the reason she looks competent to her bosses so she wants to show her appreciation for their hard work. Her staff deserves to feel good about their hard work, which creates loyalty.


The How to Be a Woman at Work can apply to everyday life, too. Working happy is the theme of my site, so I didn't want to stray too far off topic. Next week I will post a blog about "How to Be a Man at Work."


If this article offended anyone, I won't apologize. This blog was meant to praise women in the workplace. If you can't see the improvements women are making in the work environment then you aren't looking hard enough. Women are making the workplace more enjoyable and compassionate than it was way back in the male-dominated work environment. It's been a slow process, but meaningful change often takes time.


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If this article doesn't get linked to by Steve then so be it, but I still want to thank Steve and Erin for sparking a little creativity. Let me know what you think of the topic in the comment section, and I hope to hear from the smart women and men who I know want to leave a comment.