How to Enjoy Staying Late at Work

staying-late-at-workI remember one winter a few years ago when I had to stay a few hours later at work. It was dark by 5pm. My co-worker also had to stay late. Nothing but grumbling came out of his mouth.

That could have easily been me, but there was one difference.

I felt lucky to have a job.

My co-worker had been with the company two years longer than me. He was a bit jaded to say the least. He complained that he wouldn’t have time for dinner, complained about being tired, and not feeling appreciated.

I felt lucky to have my job because we just went through layoffs. I wasn’t sure I was going to make the cut. I did and was working my butt off to prove I deserved my job. So for me those few extra hours meant I got to prove my worth.

The boss came in and thanked us for staying late.

My co-worker only grumbled more.

I was able to connect with how lucky I was while my friend only saw the hassle of staying late.

Next time you are staying late, instead of getting all stressed out and anxious to go home, try finding those reasons why you feel lucky to be where you are. You’ll reduce frustration, stress, and a chance for a headache. Sometimes dealing with a difficult request gives you a chance to develop patience. Other times it’s a way to focus on relaxing in the moment. And still other times it’s just about feeling lucky to have a job.

Don’t stop searching for that little piece of happiness. Because it’s there.

What do you do when you have to work late?

How do you deal with your emotions?

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