How to Get Your Workday Back on Track

Have you ever gotten into your workday and realized that the day was half over and you barely got anything done?

It’s a common trend with a lot of my coaching clients. They are creative types that just can’t get off to a fast start. Believe me I still have my days where the words aren’t flowing or I can’t seem to stay on task. These days are frustrating and when this happens I always turn to the greatest tool that the working man and women have turned to for decades.

Music that fits the mood of the task.

For example I love to write while listening to jazz. There is something energizing about jazz. When I put it on I know that I’ll have a good writing session.

Next time you are struggling to get your work accomplished try putting on some energizing music that helps lift your spirits and improves your focus.

The one catch is you can't just put on music and let your thoughts stay distracted. You have to purposeful with what song you pick and how you expect to feel as you listen to the music. By setting this intention before you turn on the music, you are setting yourself up for getting back on track.

What type of music do you like to listen to while working?