How to Relieve Back Pain after Sitting at a Desk All Day

Bad BackMy back would usually become sore and tired around the same time every day. I would get so caught up in my work that I wouldn’t make time to stay aware of my slowly tightening muscles. 3pm would arrive and I would always complain to my co-worker. When she pointed out my routine I knew I needed to make an adjustment. I began by watching my habits throughout the morning and early afternoon.


Now that I was paying attention to my posture and back I noticed that the tightening would begin an hour after I was back from lunch. I knew that I needed to circumvent this pain by being proactive, so I created a little schedule.


I stretched at the top of every hour for two minutes. I would stand up and gently twist back and forth, touch my toes, lean from side to side and reach my arms in the air. Some of my co-workers made some snide remarks, but I pushed on. After a few weeks I noticed a big difference. The stretching reduced my back ache by at least 50%. There are some days I don’t have any back pain at all.


If you have back pain because you sit in the same position all day long, try a little stretching at the top of every hour. You’ll probably notice that stretching also relaxes you. Taking the time to relax at work will help you relieve the stress that builds throughout the day.


Do you have a regular routine that helps keep you healthy and happy at your job?