Imagination Isn't Just for Kids

We tell our students, kids, nephews and nieces to use their imaginations to the max. If they get a little carried away we tell them that "it's okay" that happens. As we get older we lose this connection because of social standards. There are exceptions like actors and other artists, but the rest of us are often locked down by our fear of being labeled "weird." The weird guy in the office doesn't get asked to join in on lunch.

Yep, that was me, but luckily I didn't care and I won their hearts over. It was a boring lunch without me.

I've toned down my old ways and I've succumbed to social norms, but I've never given up my imagination. I refuse! Poetry, cartoons, and stories must come out or I become emotionally constipated. My wife has seen this happen to me and it ain't pretty.

Conventional Vs Unconventional

I used to be the guy that danced on tables, asked the stranger at the bus stop what book they are currently reading and laughed during inappropriate moments. I wanted to be a poet, still am, but my passion has become more conventional - work happiness. I still do all those things, but only during appropriate moments.  Hey, dancing on a table can really get a party going.

My imagination has refused to wither away. You shouldn't forget the strength you can garner from your imagination. When I see an old man that reminds me of a friend I used to work with, old stories flood my brain and new stories too. I might imagine the old man ripping off his suit to expose his white glittered outfit then dancing like he just won the lottery.

It's fun to let my imagination get carried away when I know that dancing on tables just won't be tolerated by my boss. We all need internal and external stress relief; we must take advantage of any way we can obtain this. Stress relief is just a byproduct of an active imagination.

The real reason I want you to use your imagination is for your career. Only the "core you" can truly know if you are happy with your current situation. Every job I've held in the past eventually bored me. It was my fault. I let myself become complacent. I was so comfortable that I stopped taking risks. I stopped indulging my fantasies.

Challenge Your Routines

Never stop indulging your imagination, otherwise you'll end up like the people that are boring, predictable and tired.

The older I get the more I want routine, but the "core me" still wants excitement and challenge. It's why I started this website to challenge my thoughts, writing and ability to attract people to the work happy cause.

What are you doing to challenge yourself to new levels?

You may have just read that sentence and don't feel like answering it, but it's one that you should ponder. It's the simple ability of letting your thoughts wander around in new directions.

Don't stop using your imagination because you feel comfortable. Do you always take the same route to work or eat at the same place? Then it's time to take a baby step and switch it up. This is the spark that many of you might need to unleash those creative thoughts. Don't be afraid. Next time someone suggests a change, don't just look for the negatives, encourage their thinking by playing off their idea suggest something even crazier like buying a new client a beer on the company.

Just remember how you felt when you were a kid. The excitement of a new path that no one had yet discovered. Tap into these feelings and give your career that creative boost to take you to a new level. You may not want to get that stressful new position, but I sure hope you want to get better at your job because that's what will bring the fun back into your routine.

What was your most creative job? Was it your favorite job? Let's continue the conversation in the comment section.

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