Laugh Until It Hurts - Cartoon

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on my career. How do you find new angles?


I was at SXSW interactive (blogger heaven) the past few days and my head, heart, and feet are about to explode. So many thought leaders pushing me outside my comfort zone that I am more focused than ever.

I hung out with some big time bloggers. I'm not going to drop any names because that's not what this post is about.

I noticed that I was more likely to laugh at an average joke from a big time blogger than usual. I wanted them to feel loved. I was glad to provide this service to them. It actually made me feel good. Once I got laughing, the laughing got easier. I encouraged more laughter out of myself than I have in a long time. It actually hurt. My cheeks went numb.

Building connections with important people was just what the doctor ordered.

Now I'm ready for some sleep. I'm having trouble keeping this post coherent.

Who have you connected with recently that pushed you outside your comfort zone?

If you haven't connected with anyone who pushed you outside your comfort zone... why not?

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* Tess of The Bold Life wrote a thought provoking piece called Life Is Good, Don’t Miss It. Fits with how I felt after sxsw.

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