Lightning Shot

I stood up, and lightning shot through my back and down my left leg.

I had to sit back down. The pain was like a thousand little needles.

I had been sitting for too long.

I knew keeping my blood flowing to my muscles was very important. But sometimes I got too caught up in my work and forgot, and then this happened.

I’ve noticed my brain works that exact same way. When I stop challenging it, it stops finding creative solutions.

It's easier to just stop moving, but that doesn't mean it's better for me.

So how do I keep moving when it's easier not to?

It's about finding gratitude in the challenge. If I can turn any situation into a growth experience, I'll be able to appreciate any moment.

When that feeling of lightning shot down my leg, it felt like a warning shot. If I kept on this path of not moving around throughout the day, I would continue to experience pain like this.

I knew I needed to improve my habits. I felt so lucky that I received this challenge to improve my health and grow. I could choose to see it as an opportunity instead of something to complain about to my wife.

I started small by using a smaller glass to drink water. When the glass was empty, I would have to get up and get more. This little change started a domino effect of more movement at work and at home. Now I also use a standing desk, and this encourages me to move around more because I’m already up and ready to go.

Coming up with little triggers to get me moving—things like that smaller glass of water and standing desk—was exactly what I needed. I haven’t felt those lightning bolts down my leg since.