Love the Pain - Cartoon


Lately I've been thinking of the pain that I've been through at all my jobs. From co-workers to bosses to tedious tasks. Each experience has helped create me.

There are some days where I miss standing for 8 hours a day checking people's items out at K-mart. It was a job that wasn't suited to me at all, but I miss the relationship building that I practiced.

There are some days I miss pulling heavy wire or trying to squeeze a wire down a wall to get power to a ceiling light.

There are some days I miss my cubicle. Sharing such a close space forces a person to interact and share funny stories.

We all have our painful days, but this just comes with every job. Even working for yourself brings just as much pain in a whole new way.

What pain are you enduring right now?

Try to step back and imagine the person you will be in 5 years floating over your body right now.

What does "future you" think about this pain? Can your "future you" look at this situation as a emotional building experience?

This little imagination technique always helps me.

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