Make Every Employee Feel Cool

I have a co-worker who just finished a big project. She was bouncing off the walls with giddiness. She took the project to her boss and it was confirmed. She did a fantastic job. She came back to her cubicle with a huge smile on her face.

 “I feel like my stress just floated away,” Alice said.

“Cool, so she liked it,” I said.

“Liked it? She loved it!”

She was on cloud nine for the rest of the afternoon. She poked fun at me, herself, and anyone talking to her. Just her playful style. Her energy couldn’t be suppressed.

Her boss does have a lot of faults, but who among us doesn’t? None of this mattered because her boss applied a golden rule…

“Make employees feel cool.”

I must admit that her boss has a talent for this. She can make a person feel special at just the right time.

Alice was nervous before she presented the project and her happiness was dependent on her boss. Her boss could feel this and responded appropriately.

When a boss watches for what an employee needs, they can respond aptly. Hey, sometimes they need a kick in the butt and other times they need a “You are awesome!” The more a boss is in tune with his/her employees, the more likely it is that they will encourage brilliant work.


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