Why Your Company Should Give Motivational Booster Sessions

I know working happy works because I live it. Well, most of the time. Not because the companies I worked for always gave me every perk, all the money I needed or non-stop appreciation. I had to do most of those things for myself. I learned that looking for and finding meaning/purpose in my work kept my motivation much higher.

Now I believe that if my past jobs would have given me motivational booster sessions it would have been a lot easier to sustain my motivation at a higher level.

Science of Happiness

Science Daily published an article, "Secret to workplace happiness? Remember what you love about the job, study urges," which advocates all the concepts that I've been talking about. Val Kinjerski co-authored the study. He created two groups; one received a one day "happiness" workshop, while the other was given a one day "happiness" workshop and eight weekly booster sessions.

The most intriguing part of this study was the difference between the control group (only attended the workshop) and the other group that got the workshop plus eight weekly booster sessions after the workshop was over.

The second group saw a much more dramatic improvement in employee happiness and productivity.

I'll let the article tell you in Val's words:

"The result for the intervention group was a 23 per cent increase in teamwork, a 10 per cent hike in job satisfaction and a 17 per cent jump in workplace morale. In addition, employer costs related to absenteeism were almost $12,000 less for the five months following the workshop than for the same period in the previous year. The employees also showed an increased interest in and focus on their patients"

Give the Tools

Employers can bring in a motivational speaker for a day, but there won't be any lasting change unless there is follow-up to sustain the change. The follow up can either to be done by the employer or the speaker can come back with extra sessions.

We all want to work happier, and if our employers would provide us tools to extract more meaning and purpose from our work then I would be the first employee in line.

The positive environment would help employees become happier at work. The productivity would increase while absenteeism would go down. I believe that all it would take is for a person to come in and do a few sessions with your company. You could hire me or have someone else come in every quarter to give booster sessions, reminding the employees work happy and stay focused on the difference they make in customer's and co-worker's lives.

What does your company do to boost your motivation? Would you like a weekly, monthly or quarterly motivational booster session? Would it help you work happier?

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