No More Complaining at Work - A Thirty Day Challenge

Over the past few months I've noticed my complaining getting a little louder (in my own head and with friends). It might pop out when I'm asked to work on an extra report or maybe during a conversation with a friend. The complaining has become a nuisance and I'm going to challenge myself to thirty days of no complaining.

I'm an East Coaster living in Austin and the driving styles are much different. East Coasters will push their way into a lane. Texans will wait patiently to be let in. I know I'm generalizing, but bear with me. East coasters like to get through pink lights. Don't get me started on New Yorkers who will go through a red light until the other cars from the other direction push forward and make them stop. Whoops, there is my first complaint.

So this East Coaster is getting used to the more laid back driving style, but lately my patience has been worn thin. A burst of "what the f**k are you doing" will pop out. I feel bad after I do it, so I send out an apology to the universe, but lately this hasn't been helping me.

A New Level of Happiness

It's time to challenge myself to achieve to a new level of happiness.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

- Buddha

If I let my complaining run rampant I'm going to fall back into my old habits of negativity. I don't want that. My wife doesn't want that. So it's time to challenge myself to a new level.

Traci, a friend of mine from WorldBlu, recommended a site called  A Complaint Free World. I decided to check it out. They recommend not complaining for 21 days. I wanted to go a little longer so I chose 30 days to document in detail what is happening to my reactions during uncomfortable situations.

Join Me

If anyone wants to join in with me, we can start a little Meme. Let's get people talking about no complaining for thirty days. I'm going to start on December 1st 2008, so if you are joining in with me let me know. I'll give your blog a link along with everyone else who is game.

I'm going to post about my progress as long as I feel it's interesting to you.

No complaining for thirty days will be tough. A lot of my co-workers and I bond through complaining. My substitute will be compassion, understanding their pain, but not feeding into it. It will be an eye opening thirty days.

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