Nothing is 100%

nothing 100 percentThis past Saturday I was going to take all day to work on my book. I woke up early, did some Yoga and was all set to go. I sat down in my office chair, opened the document up and stretched my neck a little, then jotted down a quick note into my calendar,

then made myself a quick cup of tea,

then heard my wife and son wake up and checked on them,

then watched a quick Neil Young interview for a little inspiration,

then laughed at myself for procrastinating,

then got angry at myself for procrastinating,

then (in my head) listed ways that the book will help my career,

then finally got down to writing.

This writing only lasted for 15 minutes before I decided to put some Mozart on.

I was about to get upset at myself again, but then I realized that I was just being a big bully to myself. I know that I talk about being kind to yourself and listening to your needs, but I’m not perfect either.

I was hating on myself.

I wanted to be 100% productive. Just knock out a whole bunch of writing on a Saturday so I could relax on Sunday.

Life doesn’t work that way. The writing muse doesn’t just click on when the alarm clock sounds off. I know this, but yet there are days when I still try to force the issue.

Have you noticed that you try to get way too much done in a short amount of time?

Do you need to be a little easier on yourself too?

What do you expect to be perfect in?

How do you handle days when creativity or motivation is off?

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Leo of Zenhabits put out a great post called, "The Little Rules of Action." It's a must read for procrastinators.

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