Open and Honest Communication

Google has a weekly gathering of employees. Whether it be a meeting online or face-to-face, they gather as many employees together as possible to discuss topics and happenings that occurred during the week. The best part is that employees can ask any question that they want. Senior members and other employees must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Google believes in being as honest and open as possible. It’s the only way that employees give their trust to the company. The company has to earn it.

Your company can do this by opening the channels of communication.

You may not need to meet every week if your company doesn’t have the ability to do so, but you can meet once a month. By gathering your employees to discuss topics out in the open, everyone is held accountable for their actions. This can be tough because it has the potential to put people in an awkward position, but this isn’t such a bad thing. When people are held accountable for their actions on a regular basis, they base their future decisions with regard to their employees. This levels the playing field, giving the employees who care about the company and want to see it succeed, a chance to voice their opinion and bring up discussions that can improve the company.



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