Big Transition Coach

Are you currently preparing yourself for the next phase in your life?

What if you could make the leap and know you will land on your feet?

Hi, I'm Karl Staib. The author of Bring Gratitude and coach to people who want to make a transition in their lives. I struggled with each transition I made until I applied techniques to help me be better prepared and excited about the challenge ahead.

I would like to be your guide as you transition into the next phase of your life.

I struggled with depression, money issues, being fired from a great job, Cancer, depression, relationships, career. etc., If you name it I probably struggled to overcome it.

I stayed at a job for seven years until I was laid off. I wasn't prepared and I should have been. Now I prepare for every transition to help me process my feelings and use them to help me improve my decision making process. It's about having systems in place that help you improve your mindset, but also prepare your body for the change.

Do you feel like you are ready to make a change?

Your mindset is where you should start.

If you would like someone who has been through the mindset trenches and knows how you can be more productive and resilient then we should set up a time to talk. You have to review your current mindset foundation, eliminate what isn't working and create habits that will help you tackle whatever challenges that occur with your transition. When you can be grateful for each challenge you have prepared yourself to succeed.

When you are ready to make a big change in your life it should always start with working on your mindset. I made the mistake of not listening to the stories and limiting beliefs that played in my head as I tried to make the leap.

"Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for." Zig Zigler

The best way to start your next transition is to get your thoughts and emotions onboard, otherwise you won't succeed. It's starts with truly appreciating the challenge and all the possible nuances that will occur. That's why I have all my clients start with a system that helps them build a more positive and resilient mindset. When you practice certain mindset techniques you are rewiring your neural pathways, which builds the foundation you need to the next phase a success. You don't want to start the next phase of your life and go crawling back to the one that caused you so much stress and tension.

Science shows that a few seconds of being grateful makes your life better.

In fact, bringing gratitude into your day-to-day has been proven to:

Restore your sleep cycles and help you rest better

Grow your friend circle & professional network

Reduce aches and pains in your physical body

Balance your mind for fewer negative emotions (like envy)

Bring out your kindness & compassion while reducing aggression

Feel better about yourself with invincible self-esteem

Strengthen your resilience and make you successful when you come up against
trauma, heartbreak, setbacks, or frustrations.

Your Mindset at Work

Are you interested in having someone guide you through your next transition?

Then let me help you put a plan together to help you make your next transition a big success.

Before you fill out the form below ask yourself one question. Are you willing to dig deep and build habits that are going help you in your next phase of life? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and fill out the form below. The basic cost of working together for 3 months is $1,995.

Understanding and appreciating how your mind works is not how most coaches work with their clients.

This is my method:

  1. Understand your "why" of the transition that you want to make.
  2. Understand your pain points. (We must reduce the pain to focus on your growth.)
  3. Improve your encouraging and limiting beliefs.
  4. Create monthly goals that help you to make lasting change.
  5. Measure our results and make adjustments at the end of each month.

Once you have a strong mindset foundation then you'll be able to become more productive and resilient.

How We'll Work Together

My focus is to help you dive into your current narratives and reframe or eliminate the thoughts and feelings holding you back from the growth that you seek.

  • We'll start with a deep dive three hour working session. Once we create our foundation then we we'll have common ground. We'll use this time to build trust and layout out how you process information. We'll find out what are you main pain points are then the stories you tell yourself that encourage you and what stories hold you back.
  • We'll have monthly one hour sessions together. At the start of each session we'll set a goal, a ritual to support this goal and a hypothesis of how this will improve your life. After 30 days we'll review your progress and decide to keep the same goal and add a new one or just make a new one for the next 30 days.
  • Weekly email/text (your preference) check-ins. This will help us calibrate your progress and make any small tweaks to optimize it.

I'm Karl Staib the Author of Bring Gratitude


I've struggled like everyone else. I've had relationship problems, laid off from a job, 5 years without a raise increase, Cancer, fired from another, money issues, and happiness problems. I've studied happiness for over 10 years, speaking to thousands of people all over the world and the one thing that has helped me change from someone that struggled with feeling happy to someone that wakes up excited by what the day will bring is Gratitude.

I started a gratitude journal because I was going through a huge life transition. I was losing my father and I was spinning out of control. I needed something to ground me. I turned to journaling about my father, my feelings and all the things I was grateful for. The habit of practicing daily gratitude changed my life and it can do wonders for you. It can be the catalyst that helps you make changes to your mindset.

What do other people have to say?

Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha

"I had sessions with other coaches that felt unproductive because they merely revisited personal growth exercises I'd previously learned about in books. Karl focused instead on helping me identify the action steps around my short-term and long-term goals. As someone who thrives on organization and forward momentum, I appreciated working with someone who focuses on results."

Ryan Smith of Chase Smith Photography

"The best thing about working with Karl is the ease in which the conversation flows. It's easy to bounce ideas off of him and get immediate feedback and he always keeps the conversation focused and on target. He plays a great devils advocate and forces you to question your actions/direction. Karl is compassionate, understanding and full of ideas he is willing to share. He helped unlock some hidden potential in my business and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for inspiration."

Tess Marshall of The Bold Life

"I wasn't sure how Karl was going to help my speaking business, but in four short weeks I not only moved forward but had a plan and two speaking contracts with new clients."

Not ready for 1:1 coaching, but still need a coach on your team? Grab the book and put me (gratefulness practices) straight in your back pocket.

What are you most grateful for today?