Karl Staib, author of Bring Gratitude

Hi, I'm here to help you create a more grateful mindset. As the author of Bring Gratitude I've come to understand that we don't appreciate ourselves enough. My goal is to help 10 million people build a more resilient mindset through a gratitude practice.

Do you appreciate each day like it's your last?

I struggled with staying positive especially when my father passed away. My ability to feel grateful came much harder when I was losing my father. I could feel my old habits starting to creep back in. The complaining came back so easily. I challenged myself to be more grateful. I wanted to take my gratitude even a step farther. I journaled about my experience as my father was passing away. The challenge turned into a book. It brought he joy back into my life.

I want you to have a similar experience. I want you to challenge yourself to be a little more grateful for what you have in your life. Then watch how it becomes more enjoyable and you become more resilient.

Speaking About Gratitude



Karl has worked with amazing companies and thought leaders. The accomplishment I'm most proud of is the loving relationships I have with my wife and sons.

Science shows that a few seconds of being grateful makes your life better.

In fact, bringing gratitude into your day-to-day has been proven to:

Restore your sleep cycles and help you rest better

Grow your friend circle & professional network

Reduce aches and pains in your physical body

Balance your mind for fewer negative emotions (like envy)

Bring out your kindness & compassion while reducing aggression

Feel better about yourself with invincible self-esteem

Strengthen your resilience and make you successful when you come up against
trauma, heartbreak, setbacks, or frustrations.

Watch Your Productivity and Perseverance Grow

The biggest change I've made to build a stronger mindset was building the gratitude habit. I was let go from my job and struggled with my confidence to someone that now is the author of Bring Gratitude, a public speaker, and I have a career and family that I love. Nothing much changed about my day to day life except my ability to deeply appreciate what I have and not what I wish I had.

The Bring Gratitude Book


What are you most grateful for today?