Bring Gratitude 30 Day Journal


You can get the Bring Gratitude Journal and change how you view life. After just 30 days you'll start to be happier, more productive, and more resilient.



Your Actions

Each day is a new opportunity to enjoy your experiences and make an impact. It starts with your mindset. When you work on being grateful, positive, and being aware of your thoughts and emotions you plant seeds for a more resilient life. It takes practice and it's why I created the Bring Gratitude Journal. It helps you work on your mindset for 30 days. It's a 30 day mindset reboot. If you can write in your Bring Gratitude Journal for 30 straight days then you'll see a big boost to your happiness and productivity. If you don't I'll refund your money.

Boost Your Energy and Be 31% More Productive

A few years ago I noticed that I stopped writing and being creative. I'd fallen into a rut. I woke up dreading most of my days. I put on a good front for my family and coworkers, but I just wasn't happy. I was drinking at night to help me relax and drinking coffee to kickstart my lethargic mornings.

Over one holiday my wife gave me a new Bluetooth speaker for our home. It wasn't the one I wanted, so I looked at her and said: "They didn't have the one I wanted?" Her expression showed me how far I'd fallen with my attitude. I knew that I needed to do something to improve my outlook on life.

I'd fallen into back into bad habits. I struggled with building habits that helped my life and my career. I started to track my overall happiness on a scale of 1-10 for a whole month. I ended the month at a 6.7 out of 10. I was expecting a better score. That's how delusional I was. It was eye-opening.

I had a caring family, good job and nice home and yet I struggled to be happy. That's when I started my gratitude journal, the spark that started this journey. I now appreciate so much more of my day. It's really the little things like a cup of tea in the morning, which I usually had, but didn't have the ability to enjoy it as much as I do now.

Do you appreciate each day like it's your last?

I struggled with staying positive especially when my father passed away. My ability to feel grateful came much harder when I was losing my father. I could feel my old habits starting to creep back in. The complaining came back so easily. I challenged myself to be more grateful. I wanted to take my gratitude even a step farther. I journaled about my experience as my father was passing away. The challenge turned into a book. It's made brought he joy back into the small things and things I struggle with like a long meeting.

I want you to have a similar experience. I want you to challenge yourself to be a little more grateful for what you have in your life.