Bring Gratitude Cards


The Bring Gratitude Everyday cards were designed to do one thing. Help you ask more positive questions to yourself so you start your day off right.



The best way to improve your confidence is to create more positive self talk. You can do this by starting with the basics. You ask yourself questions that will encourage you instead of weaken you.

That's why I created the Bring Gratitude card deck. I wanted an easy system that would allow you to build a stronger inner dialog and a fun way to do it.

Each morning you pull a card and answer the question. You can do this in a journal or out loud to yourself. That's it! Then you let your subconscious do the rest. Too often we underestimate how powerful our subconscious is. Our subconscious will work for us if we are willing to put it to work.

Last year I was falling into bad habits and calling myself, "Stupid!" I wouldn't put up with this from anyone at work or at home. Why was I doing this to myself?

That's when I began asking myself a question each morning to help kickstart my day off in a positive direction. It was such positive influence over my mindset that I've actually incorporated it into my journal practice.