Reader Dilemma - Would You Lie?

best-buy-managerWe have some very thoughtful people reading this blog and I’m curious to know how you would handle this situation.

Here is the scenario:

You are sitting at your desk typing up an email. Your manager calls you on the phone and asks you to come into the office. A man and a woman whom you've never met before, both in suits, are looking at you with furrowed eyes, waiting for an answer.

Your manager says, "This is (put your name here). He is handling your account. I called you in here because I wanted to confirm with John and Lisa that you never received their order. Can you confirm this?" You know that you don't handle this couple's account, and it's obvious to you that your boss wants you to lie to cover for him.

What do you say?

Bosses expect employees to make small lies all the time, but what about the big ones?

Would you lie for your boss?

Have you ever had to lie for your boss?

Let’s talk about it in the comment section.

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