The Magic of Allowing Employees to Do What They Love

What would you do if you heard from your boss that you could do anything you wanted for two hours every week? The catch: as long as it was related to work?

Would you hug her?

That could mean designing a new logo, creating a company year book, writing a company theme song, or creating a customer appreciation program. Whatever would make you happy, you get to do it for two hours every week. I know that I would love to do something completely different to help my company.

I've had good ideas that I was afraid to pursue, but this would take some of the pressure off because it wouldn't be under your job description. It would allow you to be creative and probably come up with something valuable.

Company benefits:

-        Boosts employee morale

-        Improves employee retention

-        Co-workers collaborate

-        Shows the employees strengths to the employer, so the manager will be encouraged to change the employee's job description if an idea is successful

Bla, bla, bla. All of you know that doing extra work for the good of the company helps them, but how does it help you?

Employee benefits:

-        Looks good on the resume (In this high turnover age we have to expect that employees want jobs that benefit their careers.)

-        Allows for complete creativity

-        Employee will enjoy work more

-        No pressure to be perfect

For any company worried about wasted hours, I've read several articles indicating that most employees only work between 4 - 6 hours a day. They are just putting in their time until they get home, but if a company would empower them to create something new then they would work harder than they had ever worked before. Both the company and employee wins. Workers become happier and the company becomes more successful.

So my question to you is, why don't more companies utilize this type of program? Would you like this or would it only add to your workload?

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Image courtesy of John Calnan