The One Secret Guys Don’t Use in an Interview

big-smile-girlYou’ve probably walked into an interview ready to answer any question that they can throw at you. You are focused and ready to land the job.

This post is geared to guys because women are usually much better at doing this one thing in an interview. Although a lot of them do make the same mistake.

As the interview is moving right along you realize that you are doing a great job. They seem to like your answers.

After the interview is over they shake your hand. You just know you are going to get that call back.

As you replay the interview over in your head you are happy with the results.

Then a few days go by, a week and nothing.

What did you do wrong?

You didn’t…

Smile. You weren’t as friendly as you could be.

They didn’t get to see the real you.

An interview is a popularity contest. You can’t escape this. You wouldn’t go on a date with someone you like and be all emotionally tight with no personality. You would be friendly, personable and fun.

Guys especially and a lot of women need to let their personality out in an interview so they have a chance to connect with the real you.

I know it’s tough because it’s intimidating to be drilled with questions about past jobs, weaknesses and how many golf balls fit in a school bus (actual Google question).

Here is a great interview tip:

Next time you go into an interview. Smile out in the parking lot, smile before you get on the phone, smile before every interview.

When you practice smiling before an interview you create a positive and friendly mood. You need to create the physical feeling of being happy before you go into an interview because your body signals your brain how to act.

Set yourself up for success in an interview by letting your personality out. They want to see how personable you can be with them and your potential co-workers, clients and managers. The more personable you are the more likely they will hire you.

Use this technique in your next interview and let me know how it works for you.

Your Turn

What do you do before an interview to create positive mindset?

* Image courtesy of JesseBarker