Walk to the Bathroom Very Very Mindfully – Work Happy Tip

Every week I like to bring you a work happiness tip that can help improve your mood, relationships, productivity, or reduce your stress. The idea is to put you back in the driver’s seat. This week’s tip: Walk to the bathroom very very mindfully.

Our minds love to follow distractions. It makes sense.

We like to be distracted. So even when we are walking to use the bathroom, we notice a co-worker’s cough, which makes us think about our own throat, and this leads to a reminder to go to the doctor for a check-up, then we are done.

We finished in the bathroom and we are back at our desk. 99% of our focus is not about enjoying where we are, but rather random thoughts.

I advocate developing your mind at work because it will help you to become happier and more productive. The reason this works is because you are focusing your energy on the part of you that matters the most. Without developing your emotional intelligence, you are flatlining your ability to feel good.

It works like this…

You can be Stucky or you can be Snappy.

A typical day being Stucky at work:

Stucky walks in and lets his focus bounce from email, to a report, to going to the bathroom, to coffee, to answering the phone.

His mind is jumping from object, to noise, to task, never really taking time to focus on any one thing.

I know you know a person like this.

A typical day being Snappy at work:

Snappy focuses on one task at a time. When he is working on an email he sticks with it, finishes it then sends it off.

He then works on a report until his shoulders have that slight ache that encourages him to take a break.

He walks to the bathroom, taking his time to soak in the moment, allowing his muscles to release their tension.

After the bathroom he grabs himself a cold glass of water and heads back to work.

Enough of my cheezy parable.

You get my point.

How do you harness that Stucky mind and make it Snappy?

Start small. Take small steps toward doing small tasks. When going to use the bathroom focus on relaxing your muscles, feeling your thoughts, and keep bringing your focus back to the present moment. Use that small break as a way to release tension.

After thirty days of focusing your mind on present moment bathroom breaks you will see an improvement in your happiness and focus. The next step is to apply this same technique to your work.

What do you think?

Could you use a walk to the bathroom as a way to release tension?

See you in the comment section.

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