We All Want to Go Where Everyone Knows Our Name

Shaking HandsWe feel comfortable and relaxed in places where we have friends. I like going to my local grocery store instead of the big warehouse because I know the people. They smile and we say hi to each other. Some of them even know my name. It makes me feel appreciated, so I give them my money. The big warehouse is cheaper and about the same distance away, but I prefer to shop at the smaller store.


I’m in the marketing department of my company and I have to go to fairs and trade shows and always run into the same people. We’ve slowly become friends and because of this they buy our services. This friendship makes for a happier work experience.


Working happy may mean feeling appreciated, keeping a flexible schedule, having friends at work, or making good money for all our effort, but it also means having a good relationship with our customers. They are the reason why we get to do what we do. If we have a good relationship with our customers, success is usually a wonderful byproduct.


Max Davis of the Blog Experiment wrote a great article about creating a successful online business. The best part of this post was this quote because it could apply to every industry.


becoming friends with your customers is a GREAT way to become more and more successful online. Your customers are your market. They know other people in that market. When you treat people right and make friends in that market, the word starts to spread and before you know it, your business grows dramatically as a result.


When you are successful, you are usually happy because you are providing your customers with value. If you had great co-workers, an awesome boss, and long lunches this would eventually get old if you weren’t accomplishing anything.


There is something deeply ingrained in the human spirit that needs accomplishment. We need to produce so we feel our time and effort is worth the sacrifice.


If we can work with friends and accomplish our work then we’ve got the best of both worlds. The customer keeps coming back because s/he has a friend on the inside and you have a friend who trusts that you will treat her/him right. If that’s not a great recipe for working happy then I’m a bad chef.


What could you do to create friendships with your customers?


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