What are YOU Grateful for this Past Week?

What I'm grateful for:

1.      I have a job.
2.      I've got great plans for Work Happy Now. Plan that will knock your socks right off your feet.
3.      The weather is Austin has been glorious.
4.      I'm learning to enjoy the pain. Just relaxing with it, watching it then letting it go.
5.      Just finished having a great conversation with my wife.
6.      My wife's belly has popped. YES! We are having a baby. Only the 13th week, but still very exciting.
7.      I bought a videocam and saw and talked to my parents (they live in PA). I miss them a lot.
8.      I've done Yoga every morning this week.

9.      I contacted a company about helping them with work happiness. I made the leap and they were excited. I'm officially a salesman now. I have to brush up on my skills and reread "The Ultimate Sales Machine."
10.   Being able to walk the dog to let off stress. Nothing to do but enjoy the fresh air and my dog's enthusiasm for fetching a tennis ball.
11.   I slept like a rock last night.
12.   Tomorrow's shower is going to be amazing.
13.   Yerba Mata. Better than tea this week.
14.   My friends who listen to me vent and help me figure out solutions to my problems.
15.   My parents for being so supportive of Work Happy Now.
16.   Strawberry Sorbet.
17.   My brother and the possibility he might visit.
18.   My in-laws for being so cool. They are so easy to hang out with, no weird pressure or hidden agendas.
19.   Dance-Dance revolution for the Wii.
20.   Laughing at the Sunday comics.
21.   Sharing work war stories with co-workers.
22.   Knowing no one is perfect, not even me.
23.   Using a pencil instead of a pen to write a poem.
24.   Twitter and all the amazing people that I've connected with.


25.   What's number 25?

What are you grateful for this week? At work? Or at home? Or both?

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