What to do When You Hit a Creativity Wall

brick-wall-whnWhy do we only get so far before we hit a wall? We know the wall will eventually come,and every time it knocks us on our ass.

This happens because we let our frustration overpower our curiosity.

We forget to love this wall. Hug this wall. It's there for a reason.

They show us how much we care. If we just gave up when we faced a challenge it probably mean that our hearts weren’t in it in the first place.

We hit a wall and we kick it for being “stupid.” This is just a wall. A wall can’t be stupid. But we are afraid to label ourselves as stupid so we pick something outside of ourselves to label.

Internal Dialogue

Out internal dialog has all gone out of whack. We stopped owning up to our own challenges. It’s just easier to blame “the wall” instead of ourselves.

At other times we do blame ourselves. Why are we so dumb? This thinking will also never lead to positive results.

In fact, it’s even worse because we are killing our confidence and our creativity.

Creativity Link

Last night I got stuck writing a blog post and couldn’t get the message right.

I growled, blamed my chair for being uncomfortable, then went to get myself a cup of tea.

The old me would have let frustration take over and I would have given up. Maybe I would try again the next day or give up entirely. But the present me uses my emotions to push me forward. It’s really just a game, finding the right combination to allow the right solution to appear.

I noticed that my brain was still working as I was preparing my tea. I was still searching for the link to get me to where I wanted to go.

Emotional Ride

That’s the difference between a successful project and a failed project.

The failure comes when a person stops linking his/her thoughts to new options.

We do need breaks. No one can keep linking to new solutions forever. Our brains and bodies get tired and we need rest to refresh our minds.

A successful person will use a break to pull his emotions out of frustration and allow the subconscious to chew on the problem for a little while.

Then when that person comes back to the project, the emotions are calm and a solution is eminent.

By allowing the brain to keep linking consciously and unconsciously, the creative motion keeps moving forward, your walls will only be speed bumps that allow you to enjoy the emotional ride.

Your Linking System

What do you do to love your wall when you are frustrated?

Once you can separate yourself from the need for a solution then you will be working with your energy instead of against it. It's this love that will allow you to see more than one solution to achieve your desired results.

So go hug your wall. Watch how it makes you feel. Be that Katydid from the photograph above that doesn't know that a wall is a terrible thing, just a resting place until she is ready to climb over the wall.

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* We need to develop more ways to play at work. I'm glad Katie is spreading the word.

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