When Do You Decide Whether or Not You are Happy at Work?


When you just got a raise?

When you had a fight with a co-worker?

When a client tears you a new one because they had a bad day?

When you completed a tough project?

When you slept 4 hours the night before?

There are so many ways to judge our happiness at work, but it really requires a focused mind to reflect and decide on the right things.

You have to take your present moment emotion out of it and look at the big picture. Really look at the work that you do, the people you work with, and how you are developing yourself at work.

Most of us decide we hate our jobs when things are terrible, but there are always low points. There are always those days when our co-worker eats a big burrito and won’t stop farting.

You have to stop letting those moments wreck the rest of your day. Your happiness is yours. Don’t let anyone else dictate how you feel.

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