When You Get Rich Slowly You Can Work Happier

Get Rich SlowlyOur culture is slowly changing from “working for a paycheck” to “working happy.” As our society develops we’re realizing that we can have our cake and enjoy every sweet bit that it offers. Most of us understand this, but we still lack the skills to make it happen.


Over at Get Rich Slowly, J.D. is doing just that. I know it hasn’t come without a sacrifice. When he was seventeen I don’t think he would have told you that he wanted to make money by writing about investing and spending habits. But now that he has found a voice that people enjoy reading, I can see he enjoys his work. If he didn’t, I know his blog wouldn’t have the readership that it commands.


Your Financial Success Depends on Your Habits


Your success depends on your ability to regulate yourself, whether it be in the area of spending or emotions. When you can allow upsetting feelings to slide off your back, then you can bring your emotions back toward happiness. When you can spend less that you take in, you’ll save money.


When you can save more than you spend you will have the ability to put yourself on track to be successful with your finances, whether your goal may be to save enough money to retire by the time you're 50 or move to India. The thing that you are doing is putting savings above material possessions.


Make the Financial Switch


When I made the switch to saving more money than I spent, I looked at my job not as a necessity, but as an opportunity: the opportunity to create the life that I’ve always wanted.


My financial life isn’t perfect, My wife is a teacher and I work at a non-profit, so we watch every dollar that is spent, but every day gives me something greater than the day before – a little more freedom. My savings is growing and it’s putting me in position to create flexibility in my life. If my wife or I lose our jobs we won’t struggle to pay our mortgage. We have plenty of buffer to find new jobs or to create the dream job that I envision for myself.


Take a look at your budget and see what you are able to cut back on. The most famous example is the Starbucks affect, but try to go deeper and see if you can substitute generic cereal for name brand cereal or make your own birthday cards instead of buying the expensive brand. When you are aware of every item you purchase, from the Tic Tacs in the grocery store to a new pair of shoes, then you are learning to empower yourself to make better financial choices.


You’ll be surprised when you deny yourself that magazine in the check out lane and you notice that your savings account keeps climbing. You will no longer be working just to get by. You will be working to build for your future.


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