Who Do You Admire at Work?

who-do-u-admire-workThe person who is engaged with his/her work and works hard to finish projects?


The person who makes everything look easy?


The person who gets paid too much to do nothing?


The person who seems so smooth that s/he glides across the floor?

By noticing who you admire, you’ll gain a better understanding of who you are and how to use this information to your advantage.

If you admire someone who makes work look easy - you are probably a very intelligent person.

Now if you admire someone who is tenacious and does anything to get a job done - you are probably a motivated person.

You see your potential self in these people

It’s up to you to bring these positive qualities out of yourself or rid yourself of the negative qualities that won’t help you.

If you admire someone who seems to get by on charm and avoidance, then you may be prone to being this way yourself. You must pay attention. Why do you admire this behavior? Are you wanting an easy life so you won’t have any challenges? What are you afraid of?

These are hard questions.

I admit that I’m prone to procrastination. I used to love the co-worker who messed around all day and in the last two hours rushed to knock out a report that was well done and just under the deadline. He enjoyed the stress. I wanted to be the same way.

The problem wasn’t obvious at the time. I tried the same technique and messed up a big project. I got all stressed out and needed help from the same co-worker to help me finish.

Just because I admired this person doesn’t mean his style was a good fit for me. I liked that this person could focus so intensely for two hours, but when I tried to use the same technique, the stress overwhelmed me. After I analyzed my admiration, I realized that it was his focus that I wanted as my own, not his ability to focus under such intense self imposed circumstances.

Instead of waiting until the last few hours to get my work done, I practiced getting started earlier and finishing a project in the same amount of time, but just in case it took longer, I had more time to work on it. The stress was off, but I still was able to practice harnessing my focus.

Don’t imitate

When you really break down who you admire, make sure you understand which traits you really approve of so you don’t get caught just imitating someone else.

You need to be you. That means knowing how to appreciate other people’s skills, learn from them and infuse them into your working life.

What traits do you admire in others? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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