Work Happiness Tip - Tag Your Co-Worker

I posted on Twitter about the importance of rewarding your co-workers. I love Twitter, by the way. The ability to connect with fun, smart and quirky people is brilliant.

A friend on Twitter told me that she likes to create tags for her co-workers.

I asked her what she meant and she explained that she likes to give out random acts of kindness to the people she works with. She draws beautiful pictures on pricing tags. She sent me these photos so I could share them with you.




This is what she said about this work happiness technique:

I give them to the “benefits team” I make 15 every month and everyone gets one ( this includes 2 managers and one supervisor and 2 contract” men” and other counselors like me!), sometimes they are all the same and sometimes they vary a little depending on what supplies I have.  They started out as a RAK -random act of kindness- in February and now have evolved into a coveted work happiness. It really is the little things in life that ease the way.  So silly as it may seem they are not silly at all.

Just the other day the boss asked if we will continue this tradition into the New Year? And of course I said why not. She was thinking of ways to display them  right now they reside on each office’s door we have little 3M message boards with sticky stuff on top (they stick great) and white board on the bottom.

By refusing to wait for our boss and/or co-workers to make us happy, we can take control of our own happiness. And when we have the control, we start creating happiness for others.

It’s all about feeling good. We may as well spread the joy.

Thank you Tamara for supplying the images. This post wouldn’t have had the impact without them.

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