Work Happy the Google Way

Here is How You Can Work Happy the Google Way

How happy would you be if you could wear slippers to work? How big would your smile be if your company offered you free concessions? While these perks are standard at Google, there is much more to why Google was rated the best place to work by Fortune Magazine. In my free ebook "Work Happy the Google Way," you will learn:

  • Google's best management techniques
  • Tips on improving your coworker's relationships
  • How Google provides incentives to employees
  • Easy-to-implement strategies that will improve your happiness at work

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This 100% FREE 47 page eBook is called Work Happy the Google Way and in it you will find:

  • Google's best management techniques
  • Tips to improve co-worker relationships
  • Employee incentives
  • Solid strategies that you can use to improve your life at work.

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"Work Happy the Google Way" chapter titles:

1. How Does Google Create a Great Atmosphere?
2. Help Employees Connect to a Larger Vision
3. Open and Honest Communication
4. Does Your Mission Inspire?
5. Extend Your Recruitment Message to Social Outlets
6. Celebrate
7. Design Friendly Atmosphere
8. Pajama Day
9. People Who Play together Stay Together
10. Hire Well Rounded People
11. Give Employees The Freedom They Need to Succeed
12. Empower the Employees to Improve the Company
13. Every Employee is an Entrepreneur
14. Professional Growth
15. Create A Members Only Club
16. It's All About the Customers
17. Personality
18. Take Away Any Obstacles
19. How to Improve Your Work Happiness the Google Way?Your Work Space
20. Take Leisure Breaks
21. Take A One Minute Relaxation
22. Fresh Ideas
23. Challenge Yourself
24. Eat Healthy
25. Build Friendships
26. Show Appreciation
27. Challenge Others
28. Creativity is King
29. Google Will Lose Talent and So Will You
30. Closing

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