Work Happy Tip – Just Ask

just-askSo many of us want people to read our minds, like when we want a co-worker to notice how we are feeling. Life doesn’t work that way.

A few months ago I was feeling blue. The world’s sorrows were just sitting on my shoulders, giggling at my struggle.

A number of factors were contributing to my heavy feelings. I wanted more money. I wanted to buy a gadget that I couldn’t afford. I wanted to feel like a million bucks, but my back was killing me.

I hated the fact that I wanted so many things I couldn’t have.

It went against everything I believed. I thought I could just be happy being alive. I shouldn’t need any material possessions to be happy.


Now I was laughing at my own thoughts as well as my sorrows. What a tough state to be in.

I felt the depression coming on, like this big thick smoke that wanted to strangle my joy.

Because of all my training, research and awareness I was able to see where I was headed.

If you could help someone avoid a car wreck, would you? Of course. Even the people who annoy you don’t deserve that pain.

It was my choice, so I asked for help.

I began talking to co-workers and friends about similar situations. Everyone has their own story – believe me, go and try it. Just tell people that you’ve been feeling down and ask them if they’ve ever been in a similar situation.

You’ll get some great stories, and hearing all the stories will help you feel like you aren’t alone. Through this camaraderie, you will find help. Each person you ask will be supportive. I never met someone so cold that they didn’t care to lend me their ear, hand or thoughts.

So next time you are feeling down, just ask and watch what happens.

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