Work Happy Tip - It’s Time to Treat Your Co-workers

cupcakesSo you probably work closely with co-workers and/or clients. They’ve come to expect the usual things. We all do. So now is the time to surprise them with a treat.

Last year I had a co-worker who baked a whole mess load of cupcakes. She didn’t just make the vanilla kind. She made chocolate, lemon poppy, and vanilla cupcakes. Everyone was asking each other if they tried those sweet little cakes of love.

Okay, they didn’t ask each other that, but they did ask each other if they tried a delicious cupcake.

It made everyone talk about Amy in a fond way.

Every time someone thanked her you could see this warm glow come over her. I think the cupcakes made her happier than the people who ate them.

My favorite was the lemon poppy. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good or not. I almost went for the old standby of chocolate with white icing, but I took a chance and won.

It’s been almost a year and I’m still enjoying that treat.

So the question is:

What can you do to treat your co-workers/clients to something special?

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