You are Right Here

I was staring at my book shelf for I don’t know how long. Maybe 10 minutes. My mind was numb and I couldn’t get myself back on task. The shelf looked like it wanted to sit on me. Really. I felt like it wanted to grow legs, crawl on top of me and just sit on me.

Ok, maybe it was my brain giving up. Too tired to actually fight off my inner “arch nemesis”.

I wasn’t very happy. I had all these expectations of what owning a business would be like. I would have more freedom, money, and success.

All I had was a head full of mush, scared to actually write something, scared to call anyone, scared to take the tiniest action.

I stepped away from my desk and took a walk. I looked at the trees reaching for the sun, heard dogs bark at me as I walked by and let the warm breeze wash over me. These things just happened. There was no try. There is just right now.

I’m right here. What is one thing I can enjoy?

Repeating this thought a few dozen times really helped ground my thoughts. I stopped freaking out.

You are right here too.

Try repeating this phrase when your inner arch nemesis is attacking you.

So why do you think we make life so difficult? (Just leave a comment so we can have a conversation in the comment section.)

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