Your Big Dream for This Year

So, we've reached February. We are 1/12th of the way through the year and I'm curious to know how you are progressing. You probably had grand ideas dancing in your head at New Year's. You could see how great the upcoming year was going to be. These ideas brought you optimism and happiness. This year will be your year. Most of us create these lofty goals to help motivate us for the forthcoming year and we end up not accomplishing as much as we hoped.

Are you setting yourself up to win?

The best way to make your dreams a reality is to have one major goal and then it all comes down to how you support this big goal with smaller goals. Now that we are a month into the new year...what have you accomplished and are you on track?

I've revealed my goals on this website before and I've worked hard at accomplishing all of them. I do this to show you my successes and failures. Oh, what failures there have been! The fact is that working happy is not about always getting everything you want out of your career. No career is perfect; in fact most careers can be very frustrating if you only worry about your accomplishments.

The idea is to create supporting goals that bring you closer to your gigantic goal, so even if this grand goal doesn't happen at least you can see progress through your smaller goals.

Supporting Goals

You need to have one major dream and supporting goals to make this plan happen. I can't just walk into a business and tell them that I'm an expert on work happiness. I have to prove myself. I do this with my blog, research, networking and putting a Work Happy Now book/program together. I live and breathe work happiness. It's a bit of an obsession and I know Nikki would like me to have a little more balance, but as Guy V likes to say, "You have to be everywhere." It takes time to be everywhere. As I have built these resources, every emotion has burst out of me. When you are passionate about what you do you expect to accomplish a lot of goals (sometimes too many).

I've yelled at my computer screen plenty of times. I'm practicing at using these experiences to improve my emotional development. Sometimes we need to scream (at the computer screen, not at a co-worker) to get every last drop of frustration out. After a good scream or growl I refocus my thoughts on what I'm learning from the experience.

Some of my goals that have come to fruition:

-        A new website design.
-        On the radar of many business owners and bloggers.
-        Consistent content on this site.
-        Start a program on helping people become happier at work.
-        Finish an eBook for my audience who subscribes to my blog - Work Happy the Google Way. It was published on this site in PDF form on January 7th.


Goals I missed:

-        500 RSS by the end of the year
o   I'm over halfway there which I'm still proud of after only 1 year.
-        Completing a book/program on Work Happiness.
o   Running a blog takes more time than it looks. It's not an excuse, I'm just letting you know where my time has gone.
-        Speak to one company about work happiness.
o  Hasn't happened yet, but it will real soon. 


My goal for this year is to complete my program and have it available by the end of the summer. I want to use that program to support my speaking career. After 2 years of research I'm ready to help companies improve their employee's happiness and productivity.

By doing this I will solidify myself as an expert in work happiness. I know that I already am, but to those of you who need more proof it will be in the book/program.

Your Major Dream

So you have a big dream. You are working hard to make it happen, which is awesome, but you have to let go of bad business practices. I've made so many mistakes in the past year. As I try to build my blog, I've learned that Digg doesn't help me. My content doesn't resonate with the readership. I've spent countless hours (over 100) trying to get Digg to send me a lot of traffic and failed.

I could go on with the list of mistakes I've made, but what matters is that I've adjusted. I still work a full time job, so my time is limited. I have to pick a few support goals to make my big goal a reality. Instead of spending time on social media, I've limited myself to just connecting with people on Twitter and Facebook. I'm also writing guest posts, contacting businesses and bloggers every week and trying to write the best darn content on this blog.

You've got to have support goals to make your big dream a reality. These support goals have to be well understood so you don't deviate from your big dream.

I'm ADD enhanced which means that I bounce from idea to idea. I used to bounce from idea to unrelated idea. I lacked focus. Now when I bounce to a new idea that doesn't help my big dream, I take notes and save it for later. I get back to what will make my dream a reality. At times it hurts to reign in my enthusiasm, but it's the only way my dream will become a reality - consistently directing my focus and putting myself on the right track to get noticed.

You can also be putting yourself out there in front of the right co-workers, creating a blog, and building the brand that is you. The only way for your dreams to come true is to know exactly what your dream is and start building one small goal at a time, until it adds up to your dream. It's not easy and to be honest it can be quite painful, but it's a good hurt. You know the type of hurt you have after you have exercised for hours and you can barely move a muscle the next day. There will be days when you feel you can't go on and when this happens, take a break. Step back, make sure you are heading in the right direction and then do something totally unrelated and fun. When I take a little time to relax, my dream always pulls me back like a tractor beam. No one can fight what the heart wants.

What is one major goal that you've always wanted to accomplish? I'm talking the big one. What would you love to do that would make you so excited that it would make you pee your pants just a little if it came to fruition?

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