Your Personality Should Explode Throughout Your Work Space

Every business depends on personality to help them stand out from the crowd. Why do you buy coffee from one coffee shop instead of the one across the street? Maybe it's cleaner or you enjoy a nice conversation with the store owner every time you buy a cup of Joe. It's the character of the place that gets you to keep going back.

I heard a radio commercial for a lawyer who brands himself as the DUI Dude. I bet every major city has a lawyer who advertises toward the young crowd. They do this because they know that young people don't know their limits and end up crashing into a tree.

If I were to go into the DUI Dude's office, I had better not see expensive law books and a stuffy looking décor. I'm going to think that this guy's a fake, just trying to get my business instead of really believing in his marketing message. The atmosphere had better be lively, clean, and laid back like his commercials advertise.


Personality Branding

I used to buy an egg and cheese sandwich from the same shop every Friday because they had baseball photos and articles posted all around their shop. Every time I went in to buy my lunch I always discovered something new to read or look at. It helped me strike up a few good conversations with the owner and a few of his employees.

If they gave lousy service I would have gone somewhere else, but they were nice enough and I kept going back.


Your Space

When you express yourself within your small business, you are letting customers and clients know who you are.  You are also allowing yourself the freedom to be you. There is nothing to be afraid of. You need to express your true self or you won't get noticed.

I judge people's websites the same way I judge a store. It needs to speak to me in some way or I'm leaving and never telling anyone about it.

Boring is forgotten, but personality is passed on to others.

This works in a large corporation or a small business. Even if allowing your personality to explode out into your work environment doesn't work right away, it eventually will because you are staying true to yourself.

Take your career to the next level by showing people your true self. Because when you are no longer afraid to be the "real you," you'll be so freaking happy that you wished you would have tried this years ago.

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Image courtesy of DrBacchus